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Post Oak Dental

Cosmetic & General Dentists located in Houston, TX

About Post Oak Dental

Welcome to Post Oak Dental, a cosmetic and general dentistry office located in Houston, Texas. Led by Dr.Chris Gowan, Post Oak Dental is a modern, digital practice that provides preventive, proactive, and supportive dental care.

Some of the many services that Post Oak Dental provides include crowns and bridges, dental implants, dental fillings, oral cancer screening and detection, prophylaxis (dental cleaning), restorative dental treatments, soft tissue management, and teeth whitening. Eva Boldridge, DMD, PA, a prosthodontist with over 15 years experience, is also available for any prosthodontic needs.

Regardless of why you visit the practice, Post Oak Dental believes that everyone deserves nurturing, efficient, and highly personalized dental care. 

The team is passionate about preventive services and minimally invasive techniques that support prevention and early detection of oral diseases. They’re also committed to promoting community health. 

Post Oak Dental offers expert care backed by Dr. Gowan’s 25-plus years in dentistry, and the latest advanced tools for an effective and comfortable experience. To learn more, reach out online or over the phone today.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide each and every patient with the very best individualized dental care in the most supportive and nurturing manner possible. We are committed to prevention, early detection and minimally-invasive techniques to promote and maintain your complete oral health.


It’s Time to Head Back to School!

Summer is winding down and for many of us, it’s time to head back to school… Have you had your teeth cleaned and checked for a great “back-to-school smile?”

Let’s Talk about Fluoride!

Nearly all naturally occurring water sources contain fluoride – a compound that has been proven to prevent and even reverse tooth decay. Cavities are caused by certain bacteria in the mouth.

Four Summertime Super Foods – Bon Appetit!

Mangoes – About a cup of mangoes supplies 100% of your Vitamin C, 1/3 of your Vitamin A, a decent dose of blood-pressure-lowering potassium and 3 grams of fiber. Bonus: Mangoes are one of the fruits least likely to have pesticide residue.


Words from our patients

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    "The staff at Post Oak Dental they’re amazing very polite, and respectful group of individuals. My Dentist was wonderful she even took her time and explained everything."

    Aamanda W.
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    "A beautiful clean office, friendly staff and knowledgeable dentist who understood my concerns."

    Mary D.
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    "Great service and results. I sent my crazy nephews there and Dr. Gowan manages them and keeps their teeth clean and healthy. I couldn't give a higher rating to anyone."

    J C.
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    "Great dentistry & wonderful people who provide exceptional care."

    Brenda B.
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    "Friendliness of staff, quality of professional work and closeness to home."

    Gene D.


Post Oak Dental
7700 San Felipe Street, Suite 100
Houston, TX 77063
Phone: 713-840-7179
Fax: 713-840-7815

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