Four Super FoodsMangoes – About a cup of mangoes supplies 100% of your Vitamin C, 1/3 of your Vitamin A, a decent dose of blood-pressure-lowering potassium and 3 grams of fiber. Bonus: Mangoes are one of the fruits least likely to have pesticide residue.

Unsweetened Greek Yogurt – Non-fat, plain Greek yogurt has a pleasant tartness that’s the perfect complement to berries, bananas or your favorite breakfast cereal. It’s strained, so even the fat-free versions are thick and creamy and have twice the protein of ordinary yogurt… about 18 grams in 6 oz.

Butternut Squash – You can buy diced, peeled butternut squash at your supermarket, making it easy to go into the oven (roasted), a stir-fry or soup. It’s an easy way to load up on Vitamins A, C, and fiber.

Watermelon – Summer wouldn’t be summer without sweet watermelon! It’s a healthy dose of potassium and lycopene in a salt-free, fat-free snack for only 85 calories… and good Vitamin A and C. Often, watermelon is grown locally so they have a smaller carbon footprint (don’t have to travel far).